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An Overview of JasperReports
This chapter presents an overview of JasperReports and explains its capabilities and
features. Here is a brief outline of the topics covered in this chapter:
A brief history of JasperReports
What JasperReports is, and what it can do for us
A brief discussion of the JasperReports open-source license
The features of JasperReports
JasperReports' class library dependencies
A brief overview of the steps required to generate reports with JasperReports
Where to get support for JasperReports
Brief History of JasperReports
JasperReports was started by Teodor Danciu, in 2001, when he was faced with the
task of evaluating reporting tools for a project he was working on. The existing
solutions that he found were too expensive for his project's budget. Therefore, he
decided to write his own reporting tool. The project for which he was evaluating
reporting tools got canceled; but, nevertheless, he started working on JasperReports
in his spare time. He registered the project on in
September, 2001. Shortly after, he started getting emails from interested potential
users even though he had not yet released any code.
JasperReports version 0.1.5 was released in November, 2001. Since then,
JasperReports has become immensely popular, and is currently one of the most
popular (if not the most popular) Java reporting tools available. As a testament to
JasperReports' enormous popularity, a Google search for java reporting tool returns
the JasperReports website as its first result.
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