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We should see a report like the following after directing the browser to this
servlet's URL:
When a <textField> element stretches to accommodate its data, its parent <band>
element stretches accordingly. When a <band> element stretches due to one of its
child <textField> element's stretching, JasperReports allows us to control how
other child elements of the <band> will be positioned when the band stretches. This
will be discussed in detail in the next section.
Laying Out Report Elements
As we saw in Chapter 3, a report can contain a report title, a page header, a page
footer, a column header, a column footer, a detail section, a report summary, and
a last page footer. These sections are defined by the <title> , <pageHeader> ,
<pageFooter> , <columnHeader> , <columnFooter> , <detail> , <summary> , and
<lastPageFooter> JRXML elements, respectively.
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