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<reportElement x="0" y="35" width="555" height="25"
<![CDATA[This text uses the style called "childStyle", this
style inherits all the properties of its parents, and
overrides only the size.]]>
There are a few things to be noted about this example. Notice the isDefault="true"
attribute of the parentStyle . By default, this attribute makes all report elements
use this style without having to explicitly declare it. Since the first <staticText>
element does not indicate what style to use, it will use the style named parentStyle ,
by default. What style report elements use is defined by the style attribute of
the <reportElement> , as can be seen in the second <staticText> element in the
preceding template.
After compiling, filling, and exporting the JRXML template, we should have a report
like the following:
The <style> element contains numerous attributes. Some of the most commonly
used are outlined in the following table. Refer to the JasperReports website at for
the complete list.
Valid Values
Indicates the text color.
Either a hexadecimal RGB
value preceded by the #
character, or one of the
following predefined values:
black , blue , cyan , darkGray ,
gray , green , lightGray ,
magenta , orange , pink ,
red , yellow , white
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