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I'd say, “The best things in life are free,” but that wouldn't be
accurate here. More appropriately, “Why pay twice?” The United
States has several federal agencies that document their work and
make it available to the public. This work was paid for with tax
dollars, and the people of the United States own the work. For-
tunately, through the Internet, the U.S. government is willing to
share it with most of the world.
Several stock photo sites are
available to choose from. Here
are some that offer high-quality
images. Be sure to compare
prices and usage rights to
ensure they work for your
image and subscription).
• FOTOLIA (pay per image
and subscription).
• PHOTOS.COM (subscription).
• THINKSTOCK (subscription).
I've created a portal page on my blog that points to the best gov-
ernment sites. These pages offer print-resolution images that you
can use. Nearly every image is either copyright free or cleared for
use, but you may be required to cite the source. Be sure to look at
the terms of use posted on the site. Take the time to fully explore
each site; you'll be surprised by the wealth (and diversity) of avail-
able images.
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