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6. Change the amount of Compression by either changing the
preset (from High to Medium, for example) or adjusting the
Quality amount. You can manually enter a number or click to
access a slider (you will need to release the slider for the image
to refresh). Try a setting of 45 to see the results. The image is
now at just over 32K, which is more than a 99.9 percent reduc-
tion in file size and a fundamental change for web delivery.
7. Tow a rd t he lower - r ig ht cor ner you have t he a bi l it y t o choose
to preview the image in a web browser. If you don't see your
browser of choice, just choose Edit List, and then choose Find
All to add all web browsers on your computer.
8. Click Save to specify a location for the saved file. Choose your
desktop and click Save in the new dialog box to process the
image and save a compressed web-ready version. The original
file will remain untouched, and its resolution and quality will
be identical to its state when you launched the Save For Web
9. Experiment with other file formats such as GIF and PNG to
see their benefits and limitations.
Convert to CMYK
Although CMYK conversion is an everyday process for many
users, several authors and trainers have developed some useful
techniques. What I offer here is a proper workflow that will work
for most users, on most images, in most environments. I encourage
you to continue to explore prepress production through further
reading. CMYK conversion can be a very tricky process, and it
is essential that you have access to the color profile used by your
output device. Additionally, be sure to discuss the process with
your service bureau that will do the professional printing. With all
of these caveats said, let's take a look at the process.
1. Check your color management settings by choosing
Edit > Color Settings or by pressing Shift+Command+K
(Shift+Ctrl+K). Choose North America General Purpose 2.
2. Open the file Ch16_Gamut.tif from the Chapter 16 folder.
3. Choose View > Gamut Warning or press Shift+Command+Y
(Shift+Ctrl+Y). Areas that are too bright or saturated for
CMYK printing will be highlighted in gray. This is because
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