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3. After a few moments, a second Merge to HDR dialog box
opens. You'll see thumbnails for each of the images used as
well as a resulting image.
4. From the Preset list, choose Photorealistic High Contrast to get
a punchier image.
5. Select the “Remove ghosts” check box to remove the trailing
image details caused by wind blowing items in the scene.
6. Adjust the exposure with
the following values: Expo-
sure: -1.0, Shadow: 50%,
and Highlight -80%.
7. Boost the Saturation to 30%
for richer colors.
8. Click OK to create a new
HDR image.
9. Try adjusting the Exposure
settings to different values
to see the results of the
HDR image.
The image on the left exhibits ghosting caused by slight movement between
exposures. Selecting the “Remove ghosts” check box compensates for variables
like wind.
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