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Font Weight/Font Families
If a font comes in several weights (such as bold,
condensed, book, italic), it offers increased flexi-
bility. These different versions of a font are called
a font family. When choosing a font to use in a
design, pros often look to font families. Some of
the best designs use a single font family but mix
weights. This allows a consistent look with the
added benefit of a consistent style throughout.
You'll l l i find font f a m i l ie s l i s t e d nex t t o t he font in a me i in t he O pt ion s
bar and in the Character panel.
Using Vector Type
Now that you have a clear understanding of the basics, you can
start to use text in Photoshop. Your goal should be to keep your
fonts as vector type as much as possible. Type will be created as a
vector if you use the Horizontal or Vertical Type tools. Vector type
uses curved lines, not pixels, that can be scaled and transformed
infinitely without quality loss. This allows you to make last-minute
changes, like scaling the headline bigger on your print advertise-
ment when the client requests it, and allows greater flexibility for
changes throughout the design process.
Type Tool Presets
If you have a specific kind of text
combo that you use a lot (say
Bawdy Bold at 45 points with a
tracking value of 50), you can save
it. Just enter all your text settings as
desired, and then click the menu in
the upper-left corner of the Options
bar to add new Tool Presets (just
click the pad of paper icon).
Type Tool
Photoshop has two kinds of type tools that use vectors: the Hori-
zontal Type tool and (the much less used) Vertical Type tool.
Type Mask Tool
The Horizontal Type Mask tool or
Vertical Type Mask tool is used to
create a selection in the shape of
the type. These selections can be
used for copying, moving, stroking,
or filtering (just like any other selec-
tion) on an active layer. Text created
with the Type Mask tool is not edit-
able like other text layers.
Let's try adding some text using the Horizontal Type tool.
1. Create a new document by pressing Command+N (Ctrl+N).
From the Preset list choose 800 × 600 and click OK.
2. Press T (for Type) to select the Horizontal Type tool or click
the Text icon (a black letter T). You can then press Shift+T to
cycle through the four Type tools as needed. As an alterna-
tive, you can click and hold on the T in the Tools panel to see
a flyout list of tools.
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