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5. Select the Constraint tool in the upper-left corner of the
new panel.
6. Hold down the Shift key to define a horizontal or vertical anchor.
video 87:
Adaptive Wide-Angle
Draw in the center of the image to start; then you'll work your
way out wider.
7. Click and drag to define a straight line along the edge of one of
the buildings.
The image updates to minimize distortion.
8. Continue dragging with the Constraint tool to define vertical
and horizontal surfaces.
Hold down the Shift key when dragging. The line should
properly help define a portion of the image as perpendicular or
vertical. You can also drag the center control points to rotate a
constraint option.
9. Adjust the Scale slider to minimize the presence of gaps in
the image.
10. Click OK to apply the effect.
11. Crop the image or use the Clone Stamp tool to fill in the gaps.
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