Graphics Programs Reference
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The blending mode specified in
the Options bar controls how
pixels are affected by a paint-
ing or editing tool. Addition-
ally, you can set the blending
mode of a layer to control how
it interacts with those below
it. A clear understanding of
the following terms will better
help you understand blending
Base color. The original
color in the image
Blend color. The color
being applied with the paint-
ing or editing tool (or the
color in the top layer)
Result color. The color
resulting from the blend
List of Blending Modes
Blending Mode Practice
For more practice with blending,
open the files Ch09_Blend Modes1.
psd and Ch09_Blend Modes2.psd
inside the Extras folder in the
Chapter 9 folder, and experiment
with different modes and opacity
With 27 blending modes to choose from, keeping them straight
can be tough. Fortunately, the modes are grouped together by
similar function. Here are clear and simple definitions as well as
a sample of how each blending mode behaves:
The colored swirl will be blended with the underlying photo to illustrate each
mode. Open the file Ch09_Blended_Overlay.psd from the Chapter 9 folder to
experiment with blending modes.
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