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Creating a Panorama
By using layers, you can take several photos from one location and
merge them together to create a large panoramic photo. Many
people take an assortment of photos of a subject while holding the
camera, but it's best to use a tripod. It's important to ensure that
you have some overlap between each frame; that is to say, the adja-
cent photos share some common subject matter—about 25 percent
overlap is usually enough.
video 53:
Create a Panorama
Let's try piecing together some photos using the Automation
command called Photomerge.
Professional Panoramic
Pros know that it's best to use a
tripod and slightly move the camera
to create overlap. There are even
specialized tripod heads that you
can purchase from companies
like Kaidan (,
Manfrotto (,
and Really Right Stuff (www. that make
leveling and rotation more precise.
1. Choose File > Automate > Photomerge. Photomerge is a
specialized “mini-application” within Photoshop that assists
in combining multiple images into a single photo.
2. Click the Browse button and navigate to the Chapter 8 folder.
Want to Know More About Panos?
Be sure to check out a website I contribute to called Triple Exposure
( It covers panoramic, time-lapse, and HDR
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