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2. Click the chain icon between the layer
thumbnail and Layer Mask icons for the
Newspaper layer. You can now manipulate
the layer content or its mask independently.
3. Select the Newspaper layer's thumbnail to
modify the visible pixels of the layer.
4. Press Command+T (Ctrl+T) to invoke the
Free Transform command. Scale the News-
paper layer smaller and move it slightly
to better fit the opening in the newspaper
stand. Click the Commit button to apply the
Advice on Masks
Layer masking and advanced selections go hand in hand. The
more you practice one, the easier both will get. New users often
lapse into bad habits and are drawn back to features like the
Eraser tools or Copy and Paste commands. Although these may
seem easier, in the long run they are not. Learn to work like a
professional, and you'll achieve professional results.
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