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pen pressure, pen Tilt, Stylus Wheel,
or Rotation. Let you tie jitter to dif-
ferent features of a pen or stylus. Some
Photoshop users unlock more features by
connecting a stylus and graphics tablet.
The most popular tablet manufacturer is
Wacom (
Minimum Diameter. Sets a limit on how
much variation in scale can be introduced
in the brush. A 0% value lets the brush
shrink to a diameter of 0, whereas 25%
allows the brush to range from full size to
a quarter of its starting width.
Tilt Scale. Ties the amount of scale to the tilt of the pen (or
stylus). You must have a graphics tablet attached to utilize
this feature.
Angle Jitter and Control. Specify how much variety in the
angle of the brush can occur. A larger number creates more
variety. The control area ties the jitter to
your pen.
Roundness Jitter and Control. Introduce
jitter into the roundness of the brush. Addi-
tionally, you can control the jitter with a pen.
Minimum Roundness. Limits the amount
of jitter.
Enabling Scattering can add variation to the
placement of strokes. This can simulate splatter-
ing or wilder strokes. There are a few options to
work with:
Scatter and Control. Distribute brush
strokes from the center of the click. The
Both Axes option distributes strokes radially.
When the option is deselected, the strokes are
distributed perpendicular to the stroke path.
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