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Table 9.6 Treatment based on the use of microorganisms for fi sh waste remediation (parameters, quality control and results)
Kind of
Quality control methods
1. small silo experiments:
Experiment 1.
Crab waste and wheat
straw (1:1,wet basis )
were ensiled with 0-20%
dry molasses, 0-0.1% mi-
crobial silage inoculant,
and 0-5.4% phosphoric
acid or 0-20% water
Experiment 2.
10-20% dry molasses, 0
or 0.1% microbial silage
innoculant, and 0 or 20%
water were added to crab
waste and wheat straw
(1:1, wet basis) mixture
2. Large silo experiments:
Crab waste and wheat
straw (1:1 proportions)
were ensiled with 20%
dry molasses, 20% dry
molasses and 0.1% micro-
bial silage inoculant, and
16% glacial acetic acid
Small silo experiments:
1. Lower TMA for
molasses - and
inoculant- treated si-
lages upto 8.0-19.0%
(Experiment 1)
2. Higher VFA, acetic,
propionic, and
isobutyric acid con-
centrations in mix-
tures with added
water and molasses
(Experiment 2).
3. 10-20% dry molasses
to crab-straw mix-
tures before ensiling
resulted in substen-
tials amount of lactic
acid (Experiment 2).
Large silo experiments:
Higher lactic acid
concentration (12.76%
dry matter) for ensiled
mixture with added
20% molasses and 0.1%
inculant, compared to
Ensiling of
crab waste and
wheat straw
with different
pH,Lactic acid,
volatile fatty acids
(VFA), terimithyl-
amine, dry matter, Kjel-
dahl nitrogen, neutral
detergent fi ber (NDF),
acid detergent fi ber
(ADF), lignin, cellulose,
ash, hemicellulose
1. pH: electrometically
2. Lactic acid: Banker and Summerson,
1941, as modifi ed by Pennington and
Sutherland (1956)
3. Water-soluble carbohydrates (WSC):
Dubois et al., 1956 as adapted for corn
plants by Johnson et al. (1966)
4. Volatile fetty acids (VFA): GC
5. Trimethyl-amine according to a colo-
rimetric procedure (Dryer, 1959) after
extraction in 7.5% trichloroacetic acid
6. Dry metter: by drying duplicate
200g samples in a forceddraft oven
at a maximum of 60°C for 48 h. The
sample were analyzed for DM and
ash (AOAC, 1980)
7. Kjeldahl nitrogen (N): was detemined
on wet silage samples (AOAC, 1980)
8. Neutral detergent fi ber (NDF) Van
Soest and Wine, 1967
9. Acid detergent fi ber (ADF): Van Soest,
10. Lignin and Cellulose: Van Soest and
Wine, 1968
11. Ash: AOAC, 1980
12. Hemicellulose: was determined by
et al., 1993
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