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Latin American Fish Products
Ancho a is a product found in a few South American countries, including
Peru, Chile and Argentina. Whole anchovies are mixed with 35%
fermenting fi sh salt and placed in barrels. The fermentation, a result of
enzyme activity, takes place for a period of 3 to 4 mon (Berkel et al., 2004;
Nilsson and Gram, 2002).
African Fish Products
In Africa, there are many dried and salted fi sh products ( Table 6.4 );
nevertheless the two popular fi sh products are momone and lanhouin .
Momone is product from Ghana. In its general preparation, the intestines
and gills of the fi sh are removed and the fi sh are washed in water. They
are then rubbed with salt and packed in layers in barrels, alternating with
layers of salt. The salt: fi sh ratio is 1 : 9. Fermentation takes place for 7 d.
After that the fi sh are dried for 1 to 3 d on mats in the sun (Kerr et al., 2002;
Berkel et al., 2004).
Lanhouin is one such fermented fi sh used for fl avour and is mostly
produced in the coastal regions of the Gulf of Benin. Lanhouin is widely
used as a condiment in urban and rural areas in southern Benin and in
the neighbouring countries of Togo and Ghana. Lanhouin is produced
by spontaneous fermentation of fi sh in salt. The fermentation of fi sh is
brought about by autolytic enzymes from fi sh and microorganisms in the
presence of salt (FAO, 2000; Anihouvi et al., 2007).
Table 6.4 Dried and salted fi sh of Africa
East Africa
Raw Material:
Limnothrissa miodon, Stolothrissa tanganicae
The fi sh is sun-dried soon after harvest or purchase without any pre
processing preparations. Slight fermentation takes place during sun-
drying but this is pronounced when drying is delayed due to low ambi-
ent temperatures or during the rainy season.
The product is hard, dry and brittle with a silvery colour. Fermentation
is not the objective but it occurs during drying. The product can keep
for about three months. It is susceptible to insect infestation and mould
growth and therefore requires periodic re-drying to maintain a good
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