Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Making Larger Adjustments
The previous example required only minor changes to get the shadows where they
belonged. Some images require more extensive changes to adjust the shadow detail
properly. Because noise is more of a problem in the shadows, larger adjustments to
lighten the shadows carry the risk of introducing noise into the image. To start off, the
image in Figure 3.21 needs a large adjustment to the shadows.
By increasing the Shadows slider to 34, as shown in Figure 3.22, the bird and
fish both have better separation between shadows and midtones. They are also sepa-
rated from the blue sky a bit more.
Figure 3.21 A more extreme
example, this image could ben-
efit from a large adjustment to
the shadows. (Image courtesy
of Art Morris, www )
Figure 3.22 After the Shadows
slider is increased to 34, much
more detail and separation
exist between shadow and
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