Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
The Tint slider is used to adjust the magenta and green tones in the image. Mov-
ing the slider to the left, or toward the negative numbers, increases the amount of green
while positive adjustments to the right increases the magenta in your image. The Tint
slider has a range of -150, or very green, to +150, or very magenta. Most of your image
edits, other than creative toning, won't be that extreme though—I seldom make a Tint
adjustment of more than 20 to an image.
Starting with the same image used in the earlier example, Figure 3.4 shows the final
image with the white balance fine-tuned. To reach the exact setting I was looking for, I
chose the Daylight setting from the preset White Balance list; it was close but still a bit too
warm. By moving the Temperature slider down to 4650, the white balance was corrected.
The Temperature and Tint sliders have an obvious use, but they can also be used
for creative techniques such as toning images to emulate alternative processing, which
I'll show you in Chapter 4, “Beyond the Basics.”
Figure 3.4 I started with the Daylight setting, which was closest to “correct,” and then I
adjusted the Temperature slider until I ended up with this exposure, which has the color
balance I remember from the scene. The final setting for the image was 4650.
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