Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 2.27 Color noise is typically seen as green and magenta spots in the shadow areas of your image.
It's more likely to occur with high ISO or long exposures.
Note: Photoshop Elements also has the Reduce Noise filter, but it does not include the advanced fea-
tures that are included with CS2.
Other Camera Raw Controls
Photoshop CS2 users will find additional controls in Camera Raw available to adjust
chromatic aberration, lens vignetting, curves adjustment, and camera calibration. I'll
cover all of these controls in Chapter 6, “Advanced Conversion Options.”
Adobe Camera Raw has many options to help you convert your RAW images. Whether
you use the version of Camera Raw in Photoshop Elements 3 or the more advanced
version included with Photoshop CS2, with a little effort and practice you'll be able to
get the maximum detail your camera is capable of delivering.
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