Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Using the Preview Area
The Preview area of ACR is used for overall previews (kind of makes sense, doesn't it?)
of all the editing operations you'll be performing on the RAW image prior to conver-
sion. Because Photoshop Elements and Photoshop have different tools, I'll cover each of
them separately. Figure 2.3 shows the preview area along with the controls available to
help with image correction.
Figure 2.3 The Preview area of Photoshop CS2's version of Camera Raw will help you determine the best settings for the image
prior to conversion, and it lets you crop and straighten an image.
In contrast, fewer controls are available in the Photoshop Elements version of
Camera Raw, as seen in Figure 2.4. This version of Camera Raw is very similar to the
one included with the earlier release of Photoshop CS, but it adds Auto settings.
Above the preview window, you'll find a toolbar of icons for basic tasks as
shown in Figure 2.5.
Note: The Elements version of ACR includes the same Zoom, Hand, and White Balance tools as Photo-
shop CS2, but the Elements version does not include the Crop or Straighten tools. The Rotate buttons are
still present, but they are not in the toolbar. In Elements, you'll find them at the lower right under the
Preview area.
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