Image Processing Reference
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Adobe Camera Raw
Photoshop Elements became a legitimate tool
for serious photographers with version 3. Its
ability to work with RAW images and its sup-
port for 16-bit files mean that you can now use
it to do most of the editing tasks that previously
required Photoshop. In this chapter, I'll intro-
duce you to Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), the
conversion tool included in Elements 3. I'll also
call out differences between the Photoshop
Elements and Photoshop versions of ACR.
You'll be happy to know that for the majority
of users, ACR and Elements can handle all the
RAW processing tasks you might have.
Chapter Contents
Camera Raw versus Other Converters
Using the Preview Area
Shadows and Highlights Clipping
Setting Bit Depth
Understanding the Histogram
Using the Adjustment Sliders and Auto Controls
Fine Tu n i ng
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