Image Processing Reference
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Note: Yo u may prefer to use Labels instead of, or in addition to, Ratings. The color tags are more
graphic and easier to use with large numbers of images.
Selecting Images for Conversion
Wouldn't it be great if every image we took was perfect and worthy of printing or shar-
ing? It would certainly save time and effort. After all, if all our shots were perfect, we'd
probably take fewer photos. And we'd know up front that every photo we took was
going to be converted from RAW to TIFF for touchup and other work.
Since every image isn't perfect, many serious photographers tend to have
many variations of the same subject. Slight changes to composition, depth of field, and
other creative aspects of an image are common and result in a large number of files to
Selecting by Keywords
If you've been diligent about assigning keywords, or tags, to your images as you add
them to your collection, an easy way to select images for further processing is by key-
word selection.
Both Bridge and File Browser have very similar search features, as seen in Fig-
ures 1.23 and 1.24.
Figure 1.23
Bridge Search is accessed by selecting Edit > Find.
Figure 1.24
File Browser Search is accessed by selecting File > Search.
Multiple keywords can be searched by clicking the plus (+) button; up to three
keywords can be searched with File Browser and up to 13 with Bridge. With File
Browser, multiple keywords can be searched only as an “AND” operation. For exam-
ple, the search shown in Figure 1.25 will only find images that contain Luke and Clay
as keywords.
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