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Downloading and Organizing Using Adobe Bridge
With the release of Photoshop CS2, the File Browser has been replaced with Bridge
(Figure 1.10). Bridge works with all of the Adobe CS2 applications and adds the ability
to view your images in more detail than you can in File Browser with a Filmstrip view
that devotes most of the display area to larger previews of single images. You can also
rate them for quality and apply labels to help you find the images you're seeking.
Bridge also offers a nice Slideshow view (Figure 1.11) that can be used for displaying
images or editing. Select View > Slideshow to begin. Images can be rated, labeled, or
just viewed.
Figure 1.10 Bridge is a new
feature included with Photoshop
CS2 that replaces File Browser.
Image rating and keywords are
easy to apply and use for
Figure 1.11
The Slideshow View in Bridge can be used to browse images as well as rate or label them.
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