Image Processing Reference
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meaning, like “puppy_birthday.” File names are appended with a sequential number to
keep them unique. I prefer to name by date and subject, so in my example here, files
would become 050201_puppy_birthday_001 , 050201_puppy_birthday_002 , and so on.
Note: Using the rename feature means that each directory can have no more than 1,000 files using
the same starting name. This should be more than sufficient though for almost any situation.
Organizing Using Adobe Organizer
Adobe Organizer (Figure 1.8) is only included with the Windows version of Photo-
shop Elements. Organizer is essentially a built-in version of Photoshop Album 2 with
the same searching and organizing features as Album, including tagging, ranking, and
Figure 1.8
Organizer is included with the Windows version of Photoshop Elements and is a full-featured image manager.
Note: For complete coverage of all the features contained in Organizer, I recommend Photoshop
Elements 3 Solutions by Mikkel Aaland (Sybex, 2004).
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