Image Processing Reference
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As with the standard JPEG Save dialog, a setting of 70 or 80 will give you a
good compromise between image size and quality.
Note: By default, Save For Web removes any profile associated with the image. If you want to retain
your profile, be sure to check the ICC Profile checkbox.
One advantage (or disadvantage, depending on your point of view) is that Save
For Web strips out all EXIF metadata from the file. If you don't want someone to
know what camera you used, or the settings, this will get rid of the data for you.
Throughout this topic, I've shown you ways to get the most from your digital captures
by using the RAW file format. I hope the journey was a fun and educational one and
that you're excited to get out and start shooting in RAW to see how much more you
can wring out of your digital photos.
Photography is all about creativity for many of us, and by shooting in RAW, you
extend your creative control even further. I hope you'll give RAW a try and see how it
can help your images.
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