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14 crop is selected, any area that I drag out with the Crop tool on
the Preview window will be automatically sized to 11
When this 11
14 inches when converted. To
reflect this, the Workflow Options area of Camera Raw is updated to show the crop
size rather than the dimensions in pixels (Figure 6.29).
Figure 6.29
When a custom crop for a specific
size is used, the Workflow area of
Camera Raw updates to show
Crop size rather than pixel
After dragging out a cropping selection, you can modify the crop by dragging
the handles in the corners of the selection. Moving the mouse pointer over the selection
handle displays a double-ended pointer . Any resize will keep the same dimensions
(if anything other than Normal is selected from the menu). Moving the mouse pointer
just outside the handles will show a curved arrow pointer
that lets you rotate the
selected crop as shown in Figure 6.30.
Note: The Rotate tool is similar to the Straighten tool, which is covered next, with one exception: it
only changes the rotation of the crop, not the size of the selection.
Figure 6.30
Use the Rotate tool to correct a
tilt or to just be creative.
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