Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 6.22
This image needs some calibra-
tion help. All three colors are off,
with too much red and green and
not enough blue.
Figure 6.23
After adjustments are made
to the Hue and Saturation sliders,
the color in the image is much
more accurate than the original
RAW image file.
Cropping and Straightening
Cropping and straightening in Camera Raw have two main advantages over doing the
same operations after conversion. First, it's one less step to perform later. Second, it
reduces the file size of the open image. When you are looking at file sizes of up to
95MB (in the case of a Canon 1Ds Mark II converted to 16-bit TIFF), the file size sav-
ings can be well worth the time to crop in Camera Raw.
Camera Raw offers two tools for cropping. The first is the conventional Crop
tool , which works just like the Crop tool found in Photoshop's toolbar. The second
is the Straighten tool , which crops your image while rotating it to straighten a hori-
zon or other line in the image. See Figure 6.24 for a well cropped image.
Note: If the image is too small after cropping, you can use the Size control to resize the image prior to
conversion. The Size list box will show the current size with the selected crop area.
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