Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Adjusting Shadow Tint
Adjustments to Color Temperature and Tint will sometimes create a color cast in the
shadow areas of your image. The Shadow Tint slider is used to correct this problem.
Although it varies depending on the color cast, the slider usually adds green when mov-
ing left, or negative, and magenta when moving the slider right, or positive. Figure 6.21
shows both of these adjustments.
Figure 6.21 (left) The Shadow Tint slider corrects color casts that can be created when adjusting the Temperature and Tint con-
trols. Negative numbers typically add green. (right) Positive numbers add magenta to the shadows.
Adjusting Hue and Saturation
In Chapter 4, and earlier in this chapter, I used the Hue and Saturation sliders on the
Calibrate tab to adjust black-and-white images. A more common use for these controls
is to correct color images, removing any color cast from each of the channels that may
be present in your RAW captures.
I suggest adjusting Hue first and modifying Saturation only if needed.
Use the Hue and Saturation sliders to adjust the red, green, and blue in the
image. Look at the preview image as you make adjustments until the image looks cor-
rect to you. In general, adjust the hue first and then adjust its saturation. Moving the
Hue slider to the left (negative value) is like a counterclockwise move on the color
wheel, and moving it to the right (positive value) is like a clockwise move. Moving the
Saturation slider to the left (negative value) desaturates the color, and moving it to the
right (positive value) increases saturation. Figure 6.22 shows an image from the Bad-
lands that needs some calibration help. The colors are flat, with too much red, and the
green hue is off.
After the adjustments are made, the image (as seen in Figure 6.23) is much more
accurate in color. Because the camera used to shoot this image tends to have a similar
overcast-lighting problem with landscape-type photos, I saved the settings to reuse for
other similar images. I'll cover saving settings later in this chapter.
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