Image Processing Reference
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Correcting Vignetting
The Vignetting control is located in the Lens tab, just below the Chromatic Aberration
sliders (Figure 6.7). It has two adjustments: Amount and Midpoint. Amount controls
how much lightening is added to the corners of the image, while Midpoint controls how
wide of an area is affected by the controls.
Figure 6.7
The Vignetting controls are found
on the Lens tab. Sliders control
the Amount and Midpoint of the
adjustment. (Unless the Amount
is set to a value other than zero,
the Midpoint slider is disabled.)
Figure 6.8 shows a typical example of vignetting in a RAW file. It's most obvious
in the upper corners of the image as a darkening of the sky. To correct this, you need to
adjust the Amount slider to the right.
Figure 6.8
This image illustrates a typical
vignetting problem. The corners
are a little darker than the rest of
the image. They can be adjusted
with the Amount slider of the
Vignetting control in Camera Raw.
(Image courtesy of Peter Burian, )
By increasing the Amount slider to 45, the darkening has been removed and the
sky now has an even tone from edge to edge (Figure 6.9).
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