Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
The Actions palette in Photoshop, shown in Figure 5.19, is where you'll record
and access your Actions. For this example, I'm creating an Action that will do the
pen the RAW image using the current Camera Raw settings.
Save the image as a 16bit TIFF file in the destination folder.
Convert the image to the sRGB color space.
Resize the image to fit within a 800
600 size.
Convert the image to 8 bits.
Save the image as a JPEG file with a quality level of 10.
To get started, I suggest creating a new Action Set for your RAW conversion
actions by clicking the Create New Set icon . Storing all related Actions in a set
help you organize and find them when they are needed, and it helps you hide them
when you don't need them.
Figure 5.19
Yo u'll create and run recorded
tasks in the Actions palette in
Next, click the Create New Action icon to begin recording your Action.
The dialog shown in Figure 5.20 is displayed. Give your new Action a descriptive
name, and click the Record button.
Note: Yo u can assign a function key to the Action, which will be handy if run the Action frequently.
This lets you start the Action from the keyboard rather than selecting it from the palette and clicking the
Run button.
Figure 5.20
Once you click Record in the New Action dia-
log, everything you do in Photoshop is
recorded for future playback until you click
the Stop button.
Once you start recording, everything that you do in Photoshop will be saved to
the Action for future playback until you click the Stop button. For this example, I'm
saving the image twice. The first save is a 16-bit TIFF file, while the next save converts
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