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Figure 4.16 (left) The image after only desaturation looks very flat in comparison to the final image (right) with further adjust-
ments in Camera Raw.
Advanced Black and White with Calibrate
If you are using Camera Raw with Photoshop, you have even more options available to
you. The Calibrate tab can be used in a fashion similar to the Channel Mixer command
in Photoshop. You'll start out the same way as the previous example, by reducing the
Saturation to zero. After making adjustments to the major adjustment controls, you can
fine-tune the black-and-white effect by using the Calibrate sliders.
Next, select the Calibrate tab in Camera Raw. The Red, Green, and Blue Hue
sliders work like the corresponding controls in the Channel Mixer control, while the
Saturation sliders affect the intensity of the Hue sliders. Unlike traditional black-and-
white filters, positive adjustments affect the opposite color. For example, boosting the
Red sliders, as shown in Figure 4.17, will darken reds in the image.
Figure 4.17 (left) The image prior to adjustments of the Hue and Saturation sliders. (right) Increasing the Red sliders enhances
the rocks and adds contrast to the sky.
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