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Objective complete - mini debriefing
These addiions put a nice limit on the amount of resistance a player can build up. It builds
tension as the player's offensive power will increase as the horde does.
Winning the game
Just one more thing to do to finish the game. At the moment, the enemies can win the game
by destroying the base. But the player can't really win the game. There's no clear end state to
kill all the enemies. To inish the game, we will determine ixed winning and losing condiions
and add a game screen to clearly tell the player whether they have won or lost the game.
Prepare for lift off
Let's create the screen graphic first by following the given steps:
Click on the paintbrush icon to create a new sprite.
Choose a dark yellow color and draw a large rectangle.
Click on Fill to fill the rectangle with a light yellow color.
Select the Text tool and write the text YOU WIN! in the center of the rectangle.
5. Duplicate the costume by selecing Duplicate .
Edit the text in the second costume to read GAME OVER .
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