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The base can be hit 20 imes. So it will have 20 costumes, but don't copy them all at once.
As the healthbar decreases, we will also draw some damage on the base as an extra visual
indicaion to the player that all is not well and they should be trying harder. The following
are the steps to do it:
1. First make nine copies for a total of 10 costumes.
2. Erase the healthbar to half in equal steps per costume.
3. On the tenth costume, draw a few cracks on the base. Use the dark gray color you
used for the outline. With the first half of the images done; for the costumes 11 to
15, we will add some more damage.
4. Now copy this updated image ive imes.
5. Decrease the healthbar to a quarter of its original length.
6. Draw a few more cracks in the last image. The final quarter of costumes will
show even more damage unil the base is destroyed.
7. Make five more copies of the last image.
8. Decrease the healthbar to nothing.
9. Draw even more cracks on the last two images.
10. The last image is the dead/game-over state. To represent this visually, we will create
a broken down base. Drawing the broken down base will take a bit more work than
the previous steps, but it will look a lot beter than just leaving the image as it is.
11. Select only a few parts of the base and move them a bit away from the center.
12. Select another part and move it in a diferent direcion.
13. Noice that you will move the lines but probably not the gray circle.
That's because it's bigger than your selecion, and that's okay.
14. Click on the circle to select it and press Delete to get rid of it.
15. Pick the same light gray color you drew the circle with.
16. Click on the Pencil tool and increase the line thickness.
17. Create some new irregular shapes on top of the reposiioned cracks to
represent broken shards of the base.
18. Choose the Select tool and then click on one of the newly drawn shapes to select it.
19. Click on the Back a layer buton while holding Shift to send the shape all the way
to the botom. This will make sure the cracks appear on top of the base shards.
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