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Adding a base
Defeaing the enemies is not enough. We need a solid goal to ight for. We will create this in
the form of a base at the end of the road. The enemies will try to reach the base, decreasing
its health with each enemy that enters it. The player must try to stop the enemies before
they reach the base.
Prepare for lift off
We will draw the base with some face-like features. Things that look human help the player
to empathize more with them. The following are the steps to create a base:
Create a new sprite by clicking on the paintbrush icon.
Choose a dark gray color and draw a circle. To create a perfect circle, hold Shift
while drawing.
Fill the circle with a light gray color.
Decorate the base with some circles and squares to resemble an open gate.
See the following screenshot for an example.
Like the enemies, this base will have a healthbar. Pick a bright yellow color and
draw a line to the top-left of the base.
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