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Use Make a List again and call it cannon-y .
4. The lists should be empty at the start of the game. To ensure this is the case,
we will add a script to the Stage that empies the list.
5. Start a new script in the Stage with a when <green lag> clicked block.
6. Add a repeat … loop for a limited number of repeated acions.
7. Place a delete … of <cannon-x> block inside the repeat loop.
8. Select 1 or the first item in the list to be deleted. This way, the first item in the
list will be stripped and the second item will become the first for the next repeat
in the loop.
9. We want to repeat the loop as many imes as there are items in the list.
So in the number slot, place the length of <cannon-x> variable. This variable
stores the number of items stored in the list.
10. Right-click on the repeat loop and choose duplicate to make a copy of the acions.
11. Atach the copied loop to the irst one.
12. Change all references from cannon-x to cannon-y to perform the same acions on
the other list.
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