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3. Choose a green color and draw a rectangle from the top let to the botom right
of the canvas.
4. Then click on the Fill tool and fill the rectangle with the same color to create
a grassy background.
5. On top of the field, we will draw a path that the enemies will use to walk on.
Switch the Fill tool to a brown color.
Draw rectangles to form a curving path as shown in the following screenshot.
The background is now done. Let's save our work before moving on.
Objective complete - mini debriefing
The background is just a prety picture with no direct funcionality in the game. It tells the
player what to expect in the game. It will be logical that enemies are going to follow the road
that was drawn. We will also use this road as a guideline when scriping the movement path
of the enemies. The open spaces between the path make it obvious where the player could
place the cannons.
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