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It's sill far from the Angry Birds example that we menioned at the start, but all the
basic elements are there. Test your game, and play with the numbers a bit to see how
they can affect the playability! Have a go with the following tasks:
F If you increase the cannonball speed to very high, it will become very fast,
but hard to control.
F Try increasing or reducing the number for the simulated gravity effect.
F Do you sill know which number that is? It is somewhere in the cannonball script.
F Can you change the number so it feels like the game takes place on the moon,
where gravity is not as strong as it is on Earth?
In later projects, we will look back at this game and you will be challenged to expand and
improve it, based on the things you will learn in those projects. The game might not look
like anything special just yet, but with some efort and imaginaion, you could make it into
an exciing game to rival Angry Birds.
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