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Engage thrusters
We could manually draw landscapes as sprites. But if we want to create many different
levels, it could take a lot of work. Instead, we will make a drawing tool to create the hill.
First, create a copy of the cannonball by right-clicking on the sprite in the Sprites
view and choosing duplicate , shown as follows:
Click on the i buton on the copied sprite and change its name to drawing tool .
Throw away the scripts in the copied sprite. Those are only useful for the
cannonball, not for the drawing tool.
Switch to the Costumes tab and change the color of the drawing tool to dark
green using the color swatches. This is mostly to make it visually different from
the cannonball, so that we don't confuse the two.
5. Go back to the Script tab so that we can create a new script for the drawing tool.
6. We start the script again with a when <green lag> clicked block.
7. Atach a pen up block to make sure the tool doesn't draw anything while moving
to its staring point.
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