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The way this works is quite similar to how you create and use variables. First we click on
the Make a Block buton. Then we can give the new block a descripive name. We can also
include opions. These add familiar slot spaces to the block. In this way, we can get variables
and other data into the block.
When we are done with this step, a new purple define block appears in the Scripts editor.
To this block, we can add more script acions, similar to how we create a regular script. You'll
also noice that a purple block with our chosen block name has been added to the More
Blocks category. This block can be put anywhere in any script to trigger the deiniion block.
This feature is very useful for a combinaion of acions that is repeated oten. Instead
of copying whole rows of blocks, we only need to include the self-built funcion block.
The deiniion has to be writen only once, but can be executed many imes.
Objective complete - mini debriefing
The new block addiions may seem small at irst, but they can be very powerful tools to
create more impressive projects. Both the cloning and the Make a Block opion simplify
the creaion of hordes of enemies. Of course, they can be used for other purposes as well.
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