Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
The New Scratch
With the introducion of Scratch 2.0, some things about the program have changed. In this
appendix, we will walk through the website and have a look at the most important elements
of Scratch. We will take special note of what has been added or changed.
Mission briefing
We will have a look at the website in general and the different pages we can look at to find
informaion and inspiraion. Then we go into the Scratch editor, which is the main focus
of this topic. We will have a look at how old features have been rearranged and how new
features have been added.
Why is it awesome?
It can really slow you down if you want to do something and can't ind the proper butons
to do it. By having a good look around, we can prevent unexpected surprises when we are
building a project. It's beter to take this extra ime now and gain a beter understanding of
how the Scratch interface works than to try and figure everything out on the go. This can
prevent frustraion later on when we want to focus on building a cool game.
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