Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
To create costumes for walking towards left, just duplicate each costume and use the Flip
left-right tool. Refer to the following screenshot:
Objective complete - mini debriefing
In this secion, we created costumes by duplicaing the robot costume and making changes,
mostly small changes, to create new costumes to be used in the animaion sequence.
We also demonstrated how to script animaion loops by switching to the next costume
in an animaion sequence, pause, then to the next, unil we get back to the costume that
the sequence starts with.
Parting with a few tips
There are a few more ips that are helpful when creaing the vector graphic in the Paint editor .
Engage thrusters
To view the full canvas, click on the Zoom out icon. To work with a smaller shape, use the
Zoom in icon. There are four magniicaion levels as shown in the following screenshot:
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