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Why is it awesome?
Beter game graphics make any game more enicing and engaging. The Scratch 2.0 Costume
editor includes several new and useful features. We will use these new features to spice
up our game.
Your Hotshot objectives
First, we will create a simple project, covering the following points:
F Building the robot wireframe
F Coloring it as metallic
F Performing final adjustments
F Animaing
F Paring with a few ips
Building the robot wireframe
In this secion, we will explore various cool and new features in the costume editor.
We will create costumes in the Vector Mode. Vector graphics look much smoother in
games, especially in the full-screen mode. Moreover, vector graphics can be reshaped
easily. The Vector Mode is very lexible and is my preferred mode of creaing costumes.
You may wonder why vector graphics appear smoother than bitmap graphics. It's because
in vector, the edges of lines and objects become more transparent gradually, fading into the
background or layer behind. This effect is called anialiasing .
Prepare for lift off
We are going to create a robot costume for our player. The first thing I usually do when
creaing a detailed costume is start from a simple wireframe, then add color and shade.
Let's create the new costumes and a new project by performing the following steps:
To create a new project, navigate to File | New .
Create a new costume by clicking on the Paint new costume icon.
On the Paint Editor page, switch to the vector mode by clicking on the Convert to
vector buton.
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