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Tying up loose ends
The game is almost complete. There are just a few final adjustments to be made for all the
sprites to interact properly.
Engage thrusters
Let's first solve the issue where the enemies don't respond to being hit by the sword or the
arrow. What we are lacking is a collision check for these items. This can be easily fixed by the
following steps:
1. We look at the Knight scripts.
2. In the clone script, we ind a collision detecion for the explosion block. We can add
more checks here.
3. We expand the exising condiion with the or touching <sword>? or touching
<arrow>? block.
Then, we switch to the ghost sprite and add the same blocks there.
That ixes our collision problem, but not all the problems. As you may have noiced, the cat
isn't actually harmed when touched by either one of the enemies. That's rather unfair, so
let's change that as well.
1. We check the scripts for the cat sprite.
2. There we also find a collision check for explosion.
3. We add to this an if touching <Knight>? or touching <Ghost2>? construcion.
That's more fair now that the cat will be reset and lose points by anything bad happening
to it.
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