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Project 8
Dungeon Crawl
This project will coninue where we let of in the last project. Our maze game is interesing
but sill not all that engaging. It's quite easy to reach the exit and accumulate points. We are
going to add more features to offer the player a challenging experience.
Mission briefing
We will add enemies to the game as well as items. This gives the player more things to look
out for than just the level exit. The player has to avoid enemies or try to kill them. He/she
can do this using the bomb or one of the other items that we will include in this project.
The following gameplay screenshot from Gauntlet II will be the inspiraion for what we will
create in our project:
Why is it awesome?
No quesing game is complete without enemies and items. These are the things that change
a simple exploraion game into an exciing adventure. Every player likes to boast how they
just barely avoided the menacing ghosts to achieve victory, or how they found a great
treasure in the unlikeliest of places.
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