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3. When it has exploded, we can set the hide block to hide the bomb sprite again:
The next step is to create scripts for the hole sprite. This will mainly respond to the
createHole message we just added. Perform the following steps:
First, copy a createMaze listener to this sprite as well but not the one we just edited
for the bomb, because this sprite shouldn't change in size.
Then, create a second script to receive the createHole message, staring with a
when I receive <createHole> block.
Set the go to <bomb> block.
The hole will add a broadcast block to broadcast another message for later use.
Name this new message kaboom .
Then, set the wait 0.1 secs block to create a small delay for the effect.
Add the show block to the sprite.
Add the stamp block to stamp it onto the stage. Any black segments underneath the
sprite will now be overwriten.
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