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Preparing the tiles in Scratch
Now that we have a set of iles to use, it's ime to import them into Scratch to be scripted.
Prepare for lift off
Make sure you remember where you saved the ile images. It's oten useful to save images
to the same folder where you have the project file. That way, you have to search less and you
can access them easily.
Engage thrusters
We will create a new sprite from the first uploaded image. Then, we will add costumes to the
sprite for all the other images:
Click on the Upload sprite from file icon to open the Explorer window.
Find the image named ile1 , select it, and click on Open , as shown in the
following screenshot:
The image will load as a new sprite and be visible in the sprite editor. Now we can add the
other costumes as follows:
1. Click on the Upload from file icon in the sprite editor.
2. Select all the remaining sprites and click on Open .
3. This loads all the other images as costumes. We might have to rearrange them in the
numbered order if the upload process mixes these up.
Let's check each image to see if the cross hair is in the middle of each one. This is
important for scriping.
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