Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Project 1
Blowing Things Up!
Scratch is a fun-to-use program that teaches you about animaing, programming,
and building games. You already know this because you have been making simple games
with Scratch for a while, and now you want to learn more. This project will use some of the
most important Scratch tools and explain some basic game programming principles.
Mission briefing
We will make an arillery game. You might know this type of game from the very
popular Angry Birds series, but this is actually a very old concept, daing back to
the earliest computers. It was an obvious choice for imaginaive programmers to
turn military calculaions into a game, because computers were originally used to
calculate missile trajectories.
Why is it awesome?
We won't be able to guide any real missiles (luckily) with the scripts in this game.
Instead of using proper mathemaical calculaions, we will use some simple tricks
to get the desired results.
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