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We go on to creaing the second ile. This will be a horizontal corridor. To create the ile,
we perform the following steps:
1. Erase the black fills we drew earlier.
2. Then, select the top row and fill it with black color.
3. Do the same for the botom row.
4. That's one more ile done. Save this image as tile2 .
Our horizontal and verical corridors should look like the following screenshot:
The third ile will be a corner and we create by performing the following steps:
1. First click on the erase opion to erase the image again.
2. Then reselect the botom row and click on the ill opion to ill it with black color.
3. Also, select the left column and and click on the ill opion to ill that too.
4. As a final step, select the upper-right segment and make that black too.
This creates a corridor running from top to right (or vice versa).
Save this image as tile3 .
To speed up the process, let's not redraw the enire image. As you might expect, there
are three more corner iles we can draw; but instead of drawing, we can just rotate the
image as follows:
1. Select the enire canvas and click on the rotate opion to rotate it by 90 degrees.
2. This will create a corner from right to botom. Save this as tile4 .
3. Repeat the rotaion for the next two iles.
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