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Then it's just a mater of turning desired acions into script commands like we did with the
movement paterns. First, we thought of what the movement should look like. Then we
wrote a script to describe that movement.
Hotshot challenges
This game leaves a lot of room to expand or change it. You could focus on the graphics to
change the look of the game.
F You could add more variaion in background elements.
F You could also add more/different enemies.
F You might change all the graphics of the game, and change it from an underwater
to a space theme, for example.
More work can be done on the script side as follows:
F You can play around with the values for the movement paterns and the hit-points
of enemies to find that perfect difficulty balance.
F You can also add new paterns. Try thinking of a move you ind interesing, then
igure out a good way to script that movement patern.
F You can also change the effects for the boss creature.
F Likewise, you can add a "death" effect to the starfish and the diver.
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