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Engage thrusters
We will add a clone script to the basic sprite. Contrary to the starfish clones, this one will not
have any in-game effect. It will just be used to make the game look a bit more spectacular.
First, we add a create clone of <myself> block inside the repeat unil loop of the
when I receive <boss> script. We place it just at the end of the loop.
2. Then we start a new script with a when I start as a clone block.
3. Next we add a repeat unil () block.
4. For the condiion, we construct size < () (built-in variable from the Looks
category) and place it inside the slot; fill in the value as 10 .
5. During each loop, we use change size by () (with value -5 ), making the
clone smaller.
6. We also use change <color> effect by () , changing its color with value -10 .
This will create a rainbow effect.
Then we use wait () secs to slow the process down so we can actually see it
happening; fill in the value as 0.1 . Remember that computers work very fast.
The finished script will look like the following screenshot:
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