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14. Once that has been repeated four imes, we will pick another random patern.
It might pick the patern that is shown in the scrrenshot number 8 again, or it
could be one of the other two paterns that we will write next.
15. To inish the script, we duplicate the broadcast atack patern's message
construcion from the boss message script.
Objective complete - mini debriefing
Creaing movement paterns requires a bit of planning. First, we have to think about what
would be an interesing move to make. Then, we have to igure out a way to turn that
patern into a script. This oten requires some calculaion and experimentaion.
Since these scripts stand on their own and don't influence other scripts directly, you can't
really break anything. Don't be afraid to try a few things when designing something like this.
It often takes several tries before you get the result that you want.
Creating attack pattern 2
Having only one patern isn't all that exciing. So let's quickly coninue with creaing a
second one.
Prepare for lift off
Atack patern 2 will be quite diferent from atack patern 1. We let the boss irst pick a
corner of the screen. We will use a new kind of script method for this called a switch case.
It then zigzags across the screen, forcing the player to keep moving about to avoid being hit.
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