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This relaive movement is what we perceive as depth or distance. It allows us to guess the
three-dimensional proporions of a space. We are going to simulate that 3D efect with our
2D sprites to make the scene a bit more realisic and engaging.
Prepare for lift off
First we need some more sprites to use as objects moving past the viewer. Let's create some
rocks and seaweed that we can place along the floor of the scene.
1. Choose a new sprite from the Scratch library. Let's use the Rocks sprite.
2. We need a few different costumes for the sprite. Go to the Costumes tab,
right-click on the costume, and choose duplicate .
3. Click on the flip left-right buton to mirror the second costume.
4. Make two more duplicates of these costumes. Scale both down a bit with
the Select tool.
5. Make sure to set the center point at the botom middle of each costume
with the Set costume center tool. This will make sure we have beter control
over the height posiion of each sprite.
6. There is no library image for seaweed, so we will have to draw those ourselves.
7. Click on paint new costume to create a new empty costume canvas.
8. In Vector Mode , we draw a circular outline using the Ellipse tool.
9. We fill the ellipse with a lighter shade of green.
10. Then, we switch to the Reshape tool as shown in the preceding screenshot.
Some draggable circles show up along the edge of the shape.
11. Let's move the circles around to twist and stretch the shape unil it
resembles seaweed. We can also add more circles by dragging the edge where
there is no circle yet. Dragging the outline will cause a new circle to be created.
Double-clicking on a circle will remove it.
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